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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


"The story of wayang" was to originate from India, but in the hand of Javanese Kingdom Poet, the story of wayang can be to over of tremendous, so that Wayang ones lived in Java as our ancestor.
MPu Panuluh, from Kediri Kingdom(1157), to compose of "Gatutkoco Sroyo" story, and mPu Tantular from Mojopahit Kingdom (Hayamwuruk-1365) by his arrange of "Arjuno Wiwoho" story is two man of letters for their sucsess to composed. From the two story is have of the same vision that is built to humanities attitude and behavior.

"BIMO SUCI" story is the climax example of human life guidance, because in that story was includes one with devinne essence and mystic consciousness .
The scenes enacted include following :
  • Bimo want to understand a spiritually science, this is the name "sastro jendro hayu ningrat pangruwating diyu" the meaning of : The general poetry for a pease of the World and the war by defeat of passion. For Who were anybody can be to understood for that, he/she will be to rich of his/her country and he/she can to realize a peace of the World.
  • Meanwhile, Durno (Bimo's master) want to fulfill of Duryudono Cs requested, to eliminate of Bimo by the hope Pandowo family power is to loose. That opportunity is to using by Durno, he have a mind in order that, Bimo must going to the Ocean for to find of "Susuhing Angin" ( the wind essence) and also "Tirto Perwitosari" (the life water essence), to in fact, the matters is never to exist. By doing, they are to expect in the order that, Bimo will be to dead result ocean swallowed.
  • However, the really not same by Durno expectation, and with that accident Bimo can be to meet by Dewa Ruci after he was to Giant Dragon. Please to see in my Painting follow, that is to illustrate the war between Bimo vs the Dragon). From Dewa Ruci, life essence description was accepted by Bimo.

We can be to underlines that the keys of Bimo's succesfully among others :
  1. Purity of the hart and purpose as the based his action.
  2. The trust for his master (Durno) and seriously for to try.
  3. Bimo's win to defeat of his passion.
The composed Wayang story and presentation show tremendousely, that Wayang Indonesia was accorded by UNESCO as "MASTERPIECES OF THE ORAL AND INTANGIBLE HERITAGE OF HUMANITY" together ; carnaval Binche (Belgia), Meddah (Turki), Nhanhac (Vietnam) and anything from any countries.

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