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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Andhe-Andhe Lumut is a popular dance drama in several cities in East Java – Indonesia, such as: Kediri, Blitar and surrounding areas. This dance drama took the story of Panji story which revolves the surrounding of Kediri Kingdom also known as Kingdom of Jenggolo. This art is not separable from the influence of wayang wong (Wayang), the popular art in the area of Java, especially Central Java and East Java. The plot mostly talks about the journey of love between two teenagers named Panji Asmorobangun (Panji Inukerto) with Dewi Sekar Taji or also have meaning as Chondro Kirono; Condro = Moon, and Kirono = Light.

In this episode, be told that Dewi Sekar Taji missing from Galuh Kingdom because kidnapped by someone. Knowing this, Pandji Asmorobangun from Jenggolo Kingdom, who was actually a prince of the kingdom that is still relatives Dewi Sekar Taji was trying to find her lover by disguising as a youth villager named Andhe-andhe Lumut and lived with a widow in Dadapan village. He spread the news throughout the corners of the area that he wanted to get married soon, so anyone (female) may propose (ngunggah-unggahi) to be his wife.

Meanwhile, in another place lived a widow who is often called mbok Rondo Dadapan, he lived with her two daughters who each named; Kleting Abang (Abang = Red), Kleting Biru (Biru = Blue) and another adopted girl who was called Kleting Kuning (Kuning = Yellow). The two daughters of the widow intend to apply an application (ngunggah-unggahi) to be the wife of Ande-Ande Lumut and they all received encouragement from his mother.

Unfortunately, Kleting Kuning’s intention to participate proposing Andhe-andhe Lumut was not allowed by the mother. Because of her strong willing, Kleting Kuning was finally allowed by the mother in one condition that her appearance had to be made up by her mother. This situation was actually her mother’s way to make Kleting Kuning looked unattractive for Andhe-Andhe Lumut and would be rejected. Her mother gave Kleting Kuning ugly clothes like a beggar, and her face was applied with chicken manure that smells bad so that every person who approached her will definitely avoid her.

Finally, the two women (the Kleting Abang and Kleting Biru) went to Andhe-Andhe Lumut’s house, but Kleting Kuning was always intimidated by her two sisters to stay away from them because her smells so stink. On their way, suddenly they were blocked by a river that is flooding so that they can not cross. In confusion, the two girls (Kleting Abang and Biru) eventually spread competition, they will give any demands of any person who can take them cross the river. That was when suddenly a strange creature appeared in the form of a giant beast that is shaped like a crab named "YUYU KANGKANG", and he was able to take the two girls cross to the other side of the river in condition that they can fulfill his demand. After going through the negotiations, the two girls agreed with Yuyu Kangkang’s demand that is to have a date with him.

After he dated the two Kleting, Yuyu Kangkang took them cross the river. They felt at ease since they have crossed the river, moreover they believe that Yuyu Kangkang will not take Kleting Kuning cross the river because of her bad smell. They insult Kleting Kuning from across the river but Klesting Kuning never feels offended at all.

Meanwhile, Kleting Kuning begged Yuyu Kangkang to help her cross the river just like he did to her two sisters, but Yuyu Kangkang refused. He said that Kleting Kuning was ugly and he cpu; not stand her bad smell. After got rejected by Yuyu Kangkang, Kleting Kuning took out her secret weapon. While she was praying to God, she hit the water surface with her weapon, and the river became dry and waterless in an instant. Kleting Kuning cross the river calmly, meanwhile Yuyu Kangkang screamed apologize and begged Kleting Kuning to get the water back into the river. Feeling touched and pity, Kleting Kuning hit her weapon again to the river. By God’s miracle, the river was full with water again, then Kleting Kuning continued her journey to Ande-ande Lumut.

In Dadapan Village, Mbok Rondo was chatting with Ande-ande Lumut about his rejection toward several girls who proposed him. She was questioning the reason why he rejected those pretty girls. Ande-ande Lumut said that none of the girls could get his love. They are physically beautiful but his heart told him that there is another girl who is better than them. She is not only beautiful physically but also in heart, that is why she would be the best choice for him. In the middle of their conversation, suddenly they heard someone was knocking their door who happened to be no other than Kleting Abang, and Kleting Biru. They straightly point out their purpose of proposing Ande-ande Lumut. Then, Mbok Rondo immediately pass the news to Ande-ande Lumut through a song:

Mbok Rondo :

"Putraku, si Ande-ande Lumut, ...

tumuruno ono putri kang unggah-unggahi.

Putrine sing ayu rupane,

Kleting Abang iku sing dadi asmane".

Ande-ande Lumut :

"Duh ibu kulo mboten purun, ...

duh ibu kulo mboten mudun,

Nadyan ayu sisane si Yuyu Kangkang".

The meaning is as follows :

Mbok Rondo : “My son Ande-ande Lumut,

Go down hurry, there is a girl who wants to propose you.

The girl is very pretty,

Kleting Abang is her name”

Ande-ande Lumut : Oh mother… I don’t want to,

Oh mother… I don’t want to go down

Although she is pretty but she was tainted by Yuyu Kangkang already.

From the conversation above, it can be assumed that Ande-ande Lumut knew the truth with his heart that the girls were not pure anymore because they were dated by Yuyu Kangkang already. Felt failed and rejected, Kleting Abang back off then Kleting Biru uttered her purpose also. Unfortunately, she also got rejected like her sister with the same reason. The next is Kleting Biru’s turn, but once more, she also got rejected by Ande-ande Lumut with the same reason.

Witnessing the situation, Mbok Rondo was mad at Ande-ande Lumut and said :

“Oh my dear son… Mother can’t understand…why you rejected these pretty girls. All the girls in the world have come here but no one succeeded in getting your heart and got rejected. Do you intend to remain unmarried that’s why you made up excuses to reject them all?”

Then Ande-ande Lumut replied calmly:

“No, mother… You forget that there is a girl who has waited to utter the same purpose…Look at your back, mother”.

Mbok Rondo looked at the direction immediately, searched for the said girl and saw an ugly and smell girl no other than Kleting Kuning who was sitting with her head hang down.

Mbok Rondo looked at the direction immediately, searched for the said girl and saw an ugly and smell girl no other than Kleting Kuning who was sitting with her head hang down.
Realizing the situation, Mbok Rondo immediately asked Kleting Kuning:

“ Hey, ugly girl… Who are you and where do you come from… How dare you came here to propose my son.”

Kleting Kuning answered:

“My name’s Kleting Kuning from across this village… Actually, I’m a sister of Kleting Abang, and Biru.”

The two sisters immediately denied Kleting Kuning’s confession.

Mbok Rondo then turnet to Ande-ande Lumut and said :

“Ande-ande Lumut… What are you thinking?? You just gave a chance to this ugly girl but rejected these pretty girls. What do you mean??”

Ande-ande Lumut then explained:

Mother… Don’t you judge someone by her appearance only. There are so many people who want to make up their appearance in order to cover up their lack. Therefore, we have to see through their inner beauty by our heart. Beauty is not merely from the psychical appearance but also form someone’s personality, just like these three Kleting sisters here. They gave their bodies to Yuyu Kangkang in order to get their wanted man. They also denied the truth that Kleting Kuning is their sister, mother… Forgive me… Now could you please ask Kleting Kuning whether she is really serious of becoming my wife. If she said yes, then I will accept her and then you can bring Kleting Kuning to clean her up from the physical intrigue given to her.

Mbok Rondo can’t refuse her son’s request, then after asking several questions and got the answers from Kleting Kuning she then accompanied Kleting Kuning to take a bath. Mbok Rondo got shocked after getting Kleting Kuning clean. After taking a bath, Kleting Luning’s true beauty shone up from her pure heart. She then hurriedly asked Kleting Kuning to the front to meet Ande-ande Lumut while apologizing for her heart-blindness in judging people.

Finally Ande-ande Lumut told who he and Kleting Kuning really are. They are the prince and princess of Kediri and Jenggolo Kindom who are actually in love with each other. Because of the compulsion from another King who wanted to marry Chandra Kirana, Dewi Sekartaji decided to run away from the palace. After the matters have been settled, Panji Inukerto excused himself to Mbok Rondo to go back to his kingdom

This story is a classic tale which symbolized a binary opposition between the bad as portrayed by Kleting Abang, Biru and Ijo, and the good as portrayed by Kleting Kuning. On the other hand, Panji Asmorobangun a.k.a Panji Inukerto symbolized the wise side in taking a decision that we have to look from the inner beauty; soul, heart and the perfection laid behind them.

This story laid in every single breath for Kediri people and the surrounding. This is one of many stories which basically have the same mission in teaching a life essential of human being’s lives. Hopefully, we can get advantage and useful lesson from this story.