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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


To distinguish the animals and the humans is animal act and react instinctively to maintain propagate themselves but they do not consciously determine an objective for their behavior, It alone create the mean to achieve that objective. Among all the living creatures in the world, only human beings are prepared to make choices among different objectives (which are sometimes the products of their own thinking) and chose methods and instruments to archive those aims in order to satisfy human need.

From the history of human development, we know that human beings have used science and technology that their themselves have created as a powerful tool for obtaining a deeper understanding of the universe and solving problems of human existence. So that, cultural activity is best not by doing only, but so far it's must be to understand in itself of mean, while it's can be to use for the base of life in the nationality.

But in the reality, in adult alive today, the peoples attitude and behavior was slides to far from the cultural value, that's to harmony and peace priority. Anarchist acts and wish of itself to win becoming the characteristic from any activities that its based of self interest without to consider of its arouse effects.

In 1997, I ever to hint at for my country elite politic conduct by my Painting in the title "HUKUM RIMBA" ( Laws of Jungle ), which in that painting is illustrate to fight for authority by the physical power used, properly of the great jungle occupant.
For to explain of their characteristic, I was on purpose to change their head with the animal head (please, we can see to my painting bellow), which to illustrated that what is their action exclusively for instinctively and not based of the common sense, while to ignore for consequent from their action.

For that painting publication, I have to send along with the Indonesian Art Awards III - Philip Morris competition, but to bad that painting not selection graduate, while is not participate in the exhibition event. Nevertheless that painting was to present in the "NEOKLASIK INDONESIA" title exhibition painting in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Jakarta, together any painters such as ; Guruh Soekarno, Ir. Haryono Goeritno, Delsy Samsumar etc.

More over in that time, I was presented that painting for Mrs. MEGAWATI SOEKARNO PUTRI (at that time, She is as a Vice President of Indonesia).

By that painting I would likes to anybody for the thinks and the acts by the cultural based, for using of the goodness morality value building.

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